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Rent various construction equipment, at a cheaper price directly from equipment owners. Rent equipment anytime & anywhere, through a transparent and efficient process.


Experience a new way to rent equipment.

Equippro is leveraging on the wide-scale growth of the sharing economy which is shaping the future of the construction industry and bringing shared benefits to equipment owners and renters around the world.

    A marketplace for peer-to-peer rentals of construction equipment would solve a lot of problems for equipment renters who are looking to rent underutilized equipment to get their job done.

      How Equippro Works

      Create Account

      Easily create an account and start renting equipment.

      Explore Listings

      Explore various rental equipment listings near you.

      Hire Equipment

      Find the equipment you want, chat with equipment ower and pay.

      Return Equipment

      After usage, return and rate the equipment, or extend the return date.

      Easily Rent an Equipment

      Explore various rental equipment listings and owners near you, and rent construction equipment at a cheaper rate to get your job. Chat with the equipment owner, place a book, and make payment. Track the process from pick up to the delivery of equipment, extend the hiring period, return the equipment, give feedback and rate the equipment you hired.

        Become an Equipment Owner

        Lease out your construction equipment for a period of time and get paid instantly, unlock new value and achieve huge productivity gains from existing underutilized assets which generate new revenue. Construction companies and private users can become equipment owners on Equippro for free and start renting equipment.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you achieve your construction goals.

          Our platform is designed for contractors and equipment owners in the construction industry. Whether you're a small contractor with a single project or a large contractor managing multiple projects, our platform can help you find the equipment you need. Similarly, if you're an equipment owner with idle equipment, our platform can help you find potential clients and manage your rentals.

          Equipro is an IT solution that connects contractors with equipment owners in the construction industry. Our platform allows contractors to post their projects and equipment needs, while equipment owners can post their available equipment and rental rates. Our search functionality makes it easy for contractors and equipment owners to find each other and collaborate. Once a project is completed, our platform facilitates payment and review processes.

          Currently, our platform is available only in the United Kingdom. However, we're constantly expanding our services, and we plan to off er our platform to other countries in the near future.

          Our platform features a wide range of equipment options, including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, dump trucks, and more. If you're looking for a specific type of equipment, you can use our search functionality to find the best options available.

          We off er a secure payment gateway that allows you to pay for equipment rentals directly through our platform. Once a project is completed, our platform facilitates payment processes, making it easy and convenient for both contractors and equipment owners.

          Rent Construction Equipment

          At Equippro, we believe that technology can simplify the construction process and make it more efficient. Our platform is designed to do just that, and we're dedicated to helping contractors and equipment owners achieve their goals. Thank you for choosing Equippro. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.